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5 apps to assist you to produce your next tracks on your phone

Even 8-10 years ago it was difficult to produce a complete music album outside of the studio. The bedroom producer changed everything and made it possible to DIY approach to production. Home studios became popular fairly quickly thanks to improvements in mobile technology, these days bedroom producers are moving from laptops and PCs to smartphones.

Easy Voice Recorder

  • Operating system: Android and iOS
  • Who this is for: Beginning to advanced musicians and producers
  • Cost: Free

This virtual musical playground provides instant access to powerful software that replicates all needed elements of a professional recording studio, from microphones to audio mixers to trombones.

The disadvantage of this app is that Android phones do not come with a built-in voice recorder app.


  • Operating system: iOS
  • Who this is for: Beginning to advanced musicians and producers
  • Cost: Free

It’s the simplest path to record various tracks on any device. If you’re familiar with the desktop version, you can use app version as well. To get started, press the “+” button, choose the sort of song or instrument you wish to record, and you’re in. Experienced producers can import locally-stored files immediately into the app, then chop them, add filters, or manage them in any other way.


  • Operating system: iOS
  • Who this is for: Beginning to advanced musicians and producers
  • Cost: Free with 20 different virtual instruments, more instruments for additional pay.

You can choose the set of beats and sounds you prefer and begin draw patterns in the provided grids. It’s actually musical finger painting! For advanced producers exist an option – mimic multi-track recording by layering various grids commonly and adding numerous effects to each piece of your opus.

Moog Filtatron

  • Operating system: iOS
  • Who this is for: Intermediate to advanced musicians and producers
  • Cost: $5.99 on iOS

Moog put the synthesizer on the map, covering the way for electronic music to be the power it is today. Moog synthesizer is the gateway to more advanced music production techniques.

Casio Chordana Composer

  • Operating systems: iOS and Android
  • Who this is for: Beginning to intermediate musicians and producers
  • Cost: $4.99 on iOS, $4.49 on Android

Apps have done miracles for music production, and now there’s mobile software from Casio that aims to make it more accessible. Casio’s handiwork records your voice, and then automatically creates the rest of the song based on your data. This means that anyone can assemble a hit without in-depth music familiarity or the ability to perform an instrument.

But the problem of most artists and producers is that they fail to provide track they made to a potential listener without accurate music promotion and all the work they made eventually could be worthless.

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