Thanks for checking out the Muni+™ App pilot program

Getting around San Francisco can be challenging. Whether you're a regular commuter or an occasional Muni customer, we want to make your Muni experience as positive as it can be. Click to play the video for a demonstration of the features included on the new Muni+ app:

— SFMTA transit updates
— Complete Muni system maps
— Up-to-date schedule and fare information
— Live Muni bus and train location information
— Route and trip planning
— Nearest stop locator
— Saved Favorites
— Twitter portal

We want to make this the best Muni app possible, but to do it, we need your help.

We’re running this pilot program to collect feedback on the new Muni+ app. The app is free and to make it the best transit app possible for Muni customers, we want you to use it and then tell us how to make it even better.  As a member of our Muni+ App Team, you’ll be the first to test drive the new versions of the app with the fixes and features that you recommend.

We want you to participate in our Muni App Pilot Program.

Simply submit your e-mail address and the type of phone you use (iPhone or Android only, please*). We’ll e-mail you a link that will allow you to download and install your new Muni+ app.

Later, we'll also send you an invitation to take a brief, anonymous survey telling us about your experience with the app. That's it. And don't worry, we will not sell or give your e-mail address away.

*The new Muni+ app is available exclusively for iPhone and Android smartphones.